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natinombur is a native cuisine from Indonesia, and spesificly from Tapanuli.

The Batak people (Tapanuli) themselves used to call this dish with natinombur (tombur = ind: lumuri, ing: topping).

You can use any fresh water fish, for example: fish, tilapia, carp, catfish, and etc. The fish can be fried,and also roasted- depending on their respective preferences. Tombur it is sauces or spice on top the fish.
You will fell in love with this tombur fish (natinombur). The Sauces with extraordinary flavor and exceptional quality -a perfectly complicated flavor. In general the taste of natinombur its same with naniura – other Tapanuli cuisine was made from a raw carp. There is some similar herbs was use in tombur sauce like herbs in naniura. Natinombur it not really sour like naniura’s. But, the sharp-spicy taste (pungent) was makes natinombur different from naniura, those sharp taste indicating the use andaliman in sufficient quantity lots.

In fact, material to make a tombur is not very complicated, as reflected in the flavor. The main ingredient of natinombur souse is walnut, acid -Tapanuli people used to use asam gelugur (Garcinia antroviridis)  or lemon (citrus); and andaliman (Zanthoxylum piperitum) -andaliman looks like pepper. Natinombur other spices are onion,garlic chili, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, lime leaves, etc.


*) ingredient:


1 kg carp fish/cat fish (grilled or fried)


9 cloves red onion

9 cloves garlic

10 small chilis

15 hazelnut/walnut (kemiri)

4 tablespoon of Andaliman

2 tablespoon of asam Glugur

4cm of  tumeric

4cm of  ginger

4cm of  galangal

2 lemon or citrus (take the juice only)

2 glass of water.

1 teaspoon of oliveoil/palm oil

Others herb:

4 lime leaves

1 cloves of lemongrass

*) how to cook

First, grill or fries the fish.

Before we mashed the herbs for the sauce, whe must grilled all the sauces ingredients just for a while (5 min), and than we start mashed all ingredients. Use an oil to stir-fry the mashed red onion and garlic first. And we continued to stir-fry others herb. After the aromas of that herbs is so good, we put 2 glass of water and lemon juice that we had prepared before. Boiled the sause, wait for 10-15 minute. The sauce ready to use.. 🙂

You can put that sauce to coat the grilled carp fish/ cat fish.

* andaliman and asam glugur its a herb from asia. so maybe its little difficult to get those herb in other land.. 😀

I promise to make a post bout The Another Top Tapanuli Cuisine


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