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Dear All,

Film of the Month Play heralds this June in Bentara Budaya Jakarta will feature:

FILM Alfonso Cuarón

in Bentara Culture Jakarta
Jl. South Palmerah 17 Jakarta Pusat
Tel. : (021) 5483008, ext 5490666. 7910-7915

Friday, June 18, 2010
17.00 Solo Con Tu Pareja
19:00 Discussion with Director Nurman Judge
20:00 A Little Princess

Saturday, June 19, 2010
15:00 Great Expectations
17.00 Y Tu Mama Tambien
19:30 Children of Men

Just like Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, director of the film Amores Perros and Babel who came from Mexico City, also Alfonso Cuarón is one of Mexico’s most prominent director who was born and raised in Mexico City. This month Bentara Culture Jakarta (BBJ) will play the fifth film of this man who was born in 1961. Film studies and philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Cuarón is credited as the director of Mexico’s most successful and most talked of his generation because of versatile abilities, ranging from conventional to working on Hollywood-style movies on the theme of contemporary hard and dark. In 2004 he directed the highly successful third installment Harry Potter film series, that is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Before entering into the world of film, Cuarón began his career in television. First widescreen film, Solo Con Tu Pareja (Love In The Time Of Hysteria) made in 1991 (90 minutes), a comedy about a man who deliberately infected with HIV because otherwise one girlfriend revenge because of the man having an affair with a female boss . The film was very successful in Mexico and welcomed around the world.

In 1995, Cuarón made in the United States is the first film, A Little Princess (97 minutes), a beautiful adaptation of the novel Farnces Hodgson Burnett’s classic with the setting of World War I. Third film, Great Expectations (1998, 111 minutes) is also an adaptation to the modern version of Charles Dickens’s classic novel, directed by Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Robert De Niro.

Cuarón is the best movie Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother too, in 2001, 105 minutes), a trip comedy funny, provocative, and controversial of the two teenagers who are sexually obsessed to a woman ages 30s. Should he still be trusted to make the sequel to the fourth Harry Potter film series in 2006, Cuarón but refused because he was busy with an ambitious science fiction film, Children of Men (2006, 109 minutes). The film, starring Clive Owen is England tells about the next few decades that are infected with diseases, infertility, and xenophobia.

To appreciate the five films Cuarón, director Nurman BBJ will present Judge. 3 filmmaker 3 Love Prayer is very fond of and admire the movies of Alfonso Cuarón.

*) the best of this event is The Ticket is Free!! yeeeyyy!! 😀

I can’t watch movie at the 1st day.. cos, not prepared yet. But, tomorrow I must go to Bentara Budaya Jakarta with my Lil Sister Lydia.. I’ve googling the map and rute to reach that place..

this is a JABODETABEK Train Rute:

This is the little map to Bentara Budaya Jakarta:

I started from Bekasi. So, I must get train to Tanah Abang Station, and then continued to Palmerah Station. According to the map, Bentara Budaya Jakarta its not too far from Palmerah Station.. It’s must be just 15-20 min reach walk by foot -I guess.. 😀


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