love theory

August 21, 2010 at 9:40 am (day and night) (, , , )

some theory tells ‘there need 3 times to cured the heart’
and I said: ‘yess!that’s right’

Mr.A : ‘after step in 3 different place, I have found the perfect place I spent my lifetime’
Mrs.O: ‘I was never count how many heart I have crushed.. But, when I met Mr.O he say to me that need all my life to crushed his heart.’
Mr.R : ‘I just flow with the wind..’
Mr.S : ‘Met many makes more fun’
Mrs.D : ‘just like math, three random walk.’

Yes, 3 random walk.
After 3 times adventuring with different people/situation you will cured.
Hmmmm.. So we makes another 3 people just like us-Need to get ‘cured’..
This is so not right…
Ms.Y said: ‘if you get cutted, you learn how its feel.. hurt. If you makes someone hurt, you learn how its feel.. Hurt. If you love someone, its a big leason that you not always smile,coz there will be tears too..’

I said: ‘too much to say, too much to hear’ – I don’t like what ms.Y say..
Why her (Ms. Y) opinion is not make me interest, because she make love seem so cruel/evil.

Mr. M.Ghandi say: ‘love is pure like a child’ –Talk about this person, he show us the method to love when Jesus Christ teach us what is love.I adore Mahatma Gandhi.

Hmmm.. Love is pure like a child..
I have watch some funny babies movie on you tube, that pretty boy said to her mom that he don’t like him everyday, but he love him.. That pretty boy just like her mom when his mom give him a cookies..>.<
Its cute..ahahaha.. If my son tell that to me-that’s would be a long way to have son!geezzz.., can i say that was cute or I’ll little shocked just like that boy’s mom..?huft.. Still, that’s cute..:p
I dunno..maybe now I was in first step of my ‘three random walk’..-I’ve done with the ‘un-creative situation’.
well.. There will be two more step to trough.
Now I must get out from ‘hustle-hustle lustle circumstances’, it’ll hard to do.. Because mr.X take this so serious..hmmm..
And what its the last step..? Can’t hardly wait to meet him..:D
Fight! 😀 *pray and pray

hmmm.. nara menyapa dedaunan dari pohon yang tumbang.. apa-apa hilang dari tangannya.. kasihan nara..


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